What does YES on 1 do if passed?

YES on 1 will be on the Nevada 2024 ballot. It preserves the election of the Board of Regents and does not change any of their functions or duties. It simply removes the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents from the State Constitution and implements an independent audit of their $2.1 billion taxpayer budget to increase transparency and accountability. This measure will save Nevada taxpayer dollars and put students first.  


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Does YES on 1 keep the election of the Board of Regents? 

YES. All of the powers, duties, and elections of the Board of Regents are preserved in NRS 396.020 and 396.040.

How will YES on 1 strengthen Nevada’s Higher Education System? 

In the past few decades, Nevada has benefitted from being one of the fastest-growing states; however, our state has struggled to adapt its governance and infrastructure to best meet the needs of an expanding and diversifying Western state.

Nevada is the only state where a single elected board governs all universities, colleges, and community colleges. Other states long ago modernized their governance of higher education to reflect the differing missions of their colleges and universities and the evolving needs of their states.

How will YES on 1 help our students and Nevada’s economy? 

Nevada has remained tethered to an outdated higher education structure. Our inability to be nimble and meet the needs of the community has led to a loss of confidence in higher education by our community including business, philanthropic, and community leaders. This means less resources for our students, which imperils both the access to higher education and the capacity of our State’s higher education institutions to serve students, from universities to community colleges, to develop and diversify Nevada’s economy and workforce.

The inability to attract and keep top-rated leadership has burdened the State with millions

in extravagant salaries for chancellors, university presidents, and other executives, who only stay for a few years and leave with millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded severance packages.

Will YES on 1 mean more money for universities, colleges, faculty, and students?

Yes, because it will help us save taxpayer dollars and reduce wasteful spending. NSHE and the Board of Regents are publicly funded by the state’s budget through taxpayer dollars, yet they go unchecked and are out of control. The Board of Regents have squandered millions of taxpayer dollars on their own pet projects – wasting money and putting the burden on the citizens of Nevada and on the backs of our students. Not to mention their $30 million-dollar budget is larger than any other state’s and is more than they give most of our colleges. 

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Will YES on 1 cost any money?

Nope. There is no fiscal note attached to the ballot question. This is because all YES on 1 does is modernize Nevada’s governance structure over higher education to the same standard of every other taxpayer-funded agency.

YES on 1 is supported by The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, The Latin Chamber of Commerce, The Asian Chamber of Commerce, The Clark County Education Association, The Council for a Better Nevada, and The Nevada Farm Bureau, among many others.